Ladder Safety Training Video Kit

Ladder Safety Training Video Kit

CCS-K09-022 Preview Available!

Ladder Safety Training Video Kit

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Price: $150.00

  • Load Ratings
  • Types of Ladders
  • Selecting the Right Ladder
  • Safety Rules
  • Defective Ladders
  • Ladder Storage
  • Training Requrements

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Ladder Safety Training Video Kit - $150.00

Ladders are one of the most commonly used pieces of equipment in almost any work environment. From common stepladders to sophisticated extension ladders, they can be found almost everywhere.

Ladders are a very handy tool, both at work and around the home. They are used for tasks such as changing light bulbs and painting, to working at high levels or to reach elevated work areas. Ladders are such simple tools that many people forget the dangers involved when using a ladder. Falls are the leading cause of death in the construction industry and the misuse of ladders is one of the leading causes of fall-related injuries every year.

Price: $150.00

Sku: CCS-K09-022

Availability: In Stock

Language: English, Spanish

Media: DVD, USB

Length: 13 min

Weight: 1.2

Brand: National Safety Compliance

Preview: Ladder Safety Training Video Kit

Each training kit contains one training video (DVD or VHS) and one CD with printable items:

  • PowerPoint® Presentation
  • Safety Manual
  • Complete Leader's Guide
    • Program Outline
    • Employee Quiz
    • Answer Key
    • Training Certificate
    • Training Log
    • Wallet Cards

All items from the CD can be printed as needed.