Indoor Air Quality

Indoor Air Quality


Indoor Air Quality

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  • The sources of air contamination
  • Adhesive/solvent fumes and vehicle exhaust
  • How a building's occupants affect indoor air quality
  • The importance of proper housekeeping
  • Smoking and secondhand smoke
  • The use of humidifiers and dehumidifiers
  • Pollutant pathways, including air ducts and crawlspaces
  • Heating and air conditioning systems
  • The signs and symptoms of poor air quality

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Indoor Air Quality - $329.00

It is all around us, and we breathe it every day to stay alive. But how "clean" is the air that we breathe? While we know that it contains oxygen, hydrogen and nitrogen, there may be other substances in the air around us that we do not know about... such as dust, mites, spores, bacteria and hazardous fumes.

"Indoor Air Quality" shows employees the potentially harmful effects of poor air quality, and will help them prevent, identify and correct air quality problems. The posters in the kit remind employees of the importance of "healthy" air.

Price: $329.00

Sku: CCS-K119

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Language: English, Spanish

Media: DVD, VHS

Length: 13 min

Weight: 7.0

Brand: National Safety Compliance


Each training kit contains one training video (DVD or VHS) and one CD with printable items:

  • PowerPoint® Presentation
  • Safety Manual
  • Complete Leader's Guide
    • Program Outline
    • Employee Quiz
    • Answer Key
    • Training Certificate
    • Training Log
    • Wallet Cards

All items from the CD can be printed as needed.