Illinois Labor Law Poster

Illinois Labor Law Poster


Illinois Labor Law Poster

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  • Illinois DOL Notice to Employers and Employees

    This poster includes the information needed for Payment of Wages, Child Labor Law, Minimum Wage Law and the One Day Rest in Seven Act.

  • Equal Pay Notice

    The Equal Pay Act of 2003 prohibits employers with four or more employees from paying unequal wages to men and women for doing the same or substantially similar work...

  • VESSA Posting - Victims' Economic Security and Safety Act

    Employers...may not discharge or discriminate against an employee who is a victim of domestic violence...

  • Right-To-Know Posting

    This poster explains employee rights and employer responsibilities under the Illinois “Right To Know Act”.

  • Workers' Compensation Notice

    Explains employees’ rights and responsibilities if there is a work-related injury.

  • Job Safety & Health Protection for Public Employees
  • Notice to Workers About Unemployment Insurance Benefits

    How to file a claim, benefit amounts and taxation on benefits

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Illinois Labor Law Poster - $10.95

Price: $10.95


Availability: In Stock

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