Federal Labor Law Poster

Federal Labor Law Poster


Federal Labor Law Poster

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  • Ensures you have all the required posters
  • Optional yearly updates keep you covered in the future
  • Optional postings may be required; see below for options

Please choose the option that best describes your business.

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Federal Labor Law Poster - $10.95

You may be required to post one or more of the following postings.  These additional postings are FREE, if ordered with a Federal Labor Law Poster #P9FED AND ordered from this page.  Please select from the following postings:

The Federal Labor Law poster includes required and recommended postings:

  • NLRB Employee Rights Posting Notice of Employee Rights posting is mandatory for most private-sector employers. 
  • Equal Employment Opportunity posting provides information concerning the laws and procedures for filing complaints with the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs.  (OFCCP)
  • USERRA posting deals with the Uniform Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act, which protects the employment and benefits rights of workers in the military.
  • OSHA, "It's The Law" posting
  • Employee Polygraph posting explains the Polygraph Protection Act
  • Fair Labor Standards Act posting - minimum wage
  • Family & Medical Leave Act and Military Family Leave Notice
    (for employers with 50 or more employees)

    Also includes these recommended federal postings:

    • IRS #213 - Withholding announcement
    • Employee Payday Notice
    • INS Anti-Discrimination Posting

Price: $10.95


Availability: In Stock

Language: English, Spanish

Media: Laminated

Size: 24" x 26"

Weight: 0.3

Brand: National Safety Compliance