DOT In-Depth HAZMAT Security Training

DOT In-Depth HAZMAT Security Training


DOT In-Depth HAZMAT Security Training

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  • The DOT's HAZMAT security requirements.
  • The risks associated with transporting hazardous materials.
  • The contents of a HAZMAT Security Plan.
  • Organizational security structure.
  • Facility security objectives.
  • Security procedures.
  • Employees' security responsibilities.
  • Actions to take in the event of a security breach.
  • Compliance Manual included

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DOT In-Depth HAZMAT Security Training - $449.00

In an effort to fight terrorism and improve the security of hazardous materials being shipped, the Department of Transportation has added three major security requirements to their HAZMAT regulations. Companies that handle hazardous materials must develop a "Security Plan," and give their employees "Security Awareness" and "In-Depth Security" training.

"DOT In-Depth HAZMAT Security Training" makes employees aware of the risks associated with transporting hazardous materials and gives them an understanding of their facility's HAZMAT Security Plan. The kit contains a "HAZMAT Transportation Security Manual" which explains the DOT's security requirements and provides a "fill-in-the-blank" HAZMAT Security Plan. The posters in the kit emphasize the importance of securing hazardous materials during the transportation process.

Price: $449.00

Sku: CCS-K133

Availability: Available For Order

Language: English, Spanish

Media: DVD, VHS

Length: 16 min

Weight: 7.0

Brand: National Safety Compliance


Each training kit contains one training video (DVD or VHS) and one CD with printable items:

  • PowerPoint® Presentation
  • Safety Manual
  • Complete Leader's Guide
    • Program Outline
    • Employee Quiz
    • Answer Key
    • Training Certificate
    • Training Log
    • Wallet Cards

All items from the CD can be printed as needed.