Benefits of a Training Program

A Safety Training Program is beneficial to both your company and your employees. The benefit for employees is obvious in that a work environment that is safety conscious will result in a diminished chance of personal injury; but the benefits go far beyond this. Creating an environment of safety consciousness through Safety Training will benefit your company in a variety of ways:

  • Increased productivity due to less time off due to injury
  • Increased profitability due to avoiding worker's compensation claims, legal liability claims, and property damage
  • Increased morale in the workforce due to a reduction in hazardous conditions caused by carelessness
  • Improves the ability to defend against an OSHA citation if employee misconduct (violation of training) is involved

OSHA Required Training

"OSHA does not intend to make the guidelines mandatory. And they should not be used by employers as a total or complete guide in training and education matters which can result in enforcement proceedings before the Occupational Safety and Health Review Commission.

"However, employee training programs are always an issue in Review Commission cases which involve alleged violations of training requirements contained in OSHA standards." - OSHA 2554, 1998 (revised) (emphasis added)

We Can Help!

CoCoSafe offers a wide variety of safety training videos to help you implement your safety training program. Each of the videos covers OSHA's guidelines for the topic, and you can be sure that you have not overlooked a part of the standard.

We also offer Motivational Workplace Safety Posters to help promote your safety message in an eye-catching, positive way!


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